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NotesFromHollywood.com Article by Nicholas Snow
On The Set With Hollywood's Hottest Headshot Photographer
"No More Excuses. Headshots That Open Doors."
By Nicholas Snow. Photos by Kevyn Major Howard.

"If I could say anything to people who need my product for their careers,” explained Kevyn Major Howard in an almost Yoda-like way, "I would probably say, ‘Your face matters and it was a gift given to you by—should we all presume perhaps, maybe there was a God? You particularly as an individual are a miracle of that creation. It’s an incredible miracle...

TLC - Discovery Channel Documentary

Kevyn Major Howard is featured on the "Human Face",  a TLC - Discovery Channel show. John Cleese and Elisabeth Hurley host a must see show for any serious actor, actress or model. The segment highlights the process an actor goes through from taking pictures for a headshot to how they are evaluated by casting director Mali Finn.

In the segment titled "Fame"', there is an interview with Kevyn on his photography and headshot expertise. See Kevyn Major Howard at work, first-hand. Watch with your own eyes how a photo shoot with Kevyn progresses from film to finished headshot, creating the calling card for your career.

Want to "meet" Kevyn virtually before you meet him in person? Rent the show or purchase it on Amazon.com

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Download the article on Kevyn Major Howard in the METROG Magazine - May 23, 2004

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