Models - Zed Card

It's not often you find a headshot photographer that can master headshots and print media.  Kevyn Major Howard has the unique ability to capture commercial, theatrical, print and fashion.  You no longer need two or three photo shoots for a composite/zed card.  We provide all the content you need for your composite/zed card and our clients are getting noticed. Contact  our studio to learn more or schedule.

17B2E1246 17B2E1277 17B2E2356
17B2E2359 17B2E2725 7B2E6813
7B2E6943 7B2E6986 7B2E6993
7B2E6995 7B2E6997 7B2E7010
7B2E7100 7B2E7169 7B2E7254
7B2E7303 7B2E7330 7B2E7411
7B2E7416 7B2E7597 7B2E7665
7B2E7690 7B2E7728 7B2E7738
7B2E7758 7B2E7760 7B2E7810
7B2E7857 7B2E7865 7B2E7997
7B2E8019 7B2E8020 7B2E8028
7B2E8030 7B2E8042 7B2E8217
7B2E8273 7B2E8290 7B2E8293
7B2E8300 7B2E8305 7B2E8306
7B2E8325 7B2E8328 7B2E8368