Resources and Reading
Whether you are an actor or model, here is a list of recommended reading.  Also click here to view movies Kevyn has been in.

Recommended Agency
Kazarian, Spencer, Ruskin & Assc.

(818) 769 9111

Recommended Training
Beverly Hills Playhouse

(323) 657-5966

Recommended Modeling Books
The the Model's Workbook: A Hollywood Agent's Twenty Step Guide to Launching Your Modeling Career by Laura Boulay
50 Tips for Breaking Into the Modeling Industry by Jennifer McLeod
Model & Talent Directory: International Directory of Model & Talent Agencies and Schools (Model and Talent) by Jean Walkinshaw
Inside Becoming a Model by Robert N. Noll
The Los Angeles Agent Book by K. Callan
So You Want to Be a Model? by Jordan Sales
You Too Can Be a Fitness Model by Clark Bartram
Real-Resumes for Retailing, Modeling, Fashion and Beauty Industry Jobs: Including Real Resumes Used to Change Careers and Transfer Skills to Other Industries (Real-Resumes Series) by Anne McKinney

Here is a short excerpt of
movies Kevyn Major Howard
has starred in.

Recommended Acting Books
Ross Reports Tv & Film This is THE BOOK Kevyn recommends to get the inside track on agents, casting directors and productions that are occuring in Los Angeles and New York. A must for the serious actor.
Act Now!: A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Become a Working Actor by Peter Jazwinkski
Twelve Step Plan to Becoming an Actor in L.A.: The Method to Create a Life by Dawn Lerman
The Actor's Audition Checklist by Doug Warhit
Book the Job: 143 Things Actors Need to Know to Make It Happen by Doug Warhit
The Methuen Book of Monologues for Young Actors by Anne Harvey
The Organized Actor, Third Edition by Leslie Becker
Scenes for Actors and Voices by Daws Butler
Click! You're on Canine Camera: How to Train Your Dog to Be an Animal Actor by Jacqueline Parkin
Friendly Enemies: Maximizing the Director-Actor Relationship by Delia Salvi
Great Scenes and Monologues for Children Ages 7-14 (Young Actors Series) by Craig Slaight
How Not to Audition: Avoiding the Common Mistakes Most Actors Make by Ellie Kanner
Instant Shakespeare: A Proven Technique for Actors, Directors, and Teachers by Louis Fantasia
L.A. from A to Z: The Actor's Guide to Surviving and Succeeding in Los Angeles by Thomas Mills
The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing for Voice-Over, Second Edition by James R. Alburger
Sensational Scenes for Kids: The Scene Study-Guide for Young Actors (Hollywood 101, 5) by Chambers Stevens
Singing Professionally, Revised Edition: Studying Singing for Actors and Singers by Arabella Hong-Young
The Working Actor's Guide 2003 (Working Actor's Guide, LA) by Kristi Callan
The Working Actor's Toolkit by Jean Schiffman
Working on the Inside: The Spiritual Life Through the Eyes of Actors by Retta Blaney
The Complete Audition Handbook for Young Actors: A Comprehensive Guide to Winning by Enhancing Acting Skills by Roger Ellis
Acting: The First Six Lessons. by Richard Boleslavski
Acting Professionally: Raw Facts About Careers in Acting by Robert Cohen
Masking Unmasked : Four Approaches to Basic Acting by Eli Simon
Secrets of Screen Acting by Patrick Tucker
Acting for Film by Cathy Haase
How to Act & Eat at the Same Time: The Sequel the Do's and Dont's of Landing a Professional Acting Job by Tom Logan
Free to Act: An Integrated Approach to Acting, Second Edition by Mira Felner
Acting Up: How to Get Your Kidz in the Biz by Lucia Forte

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